• February 1st, 2013

From east to west, Big R Bridges are saving time and money

From east to west, Big R Bridges are saving time and money

Two recent pedestrian bridge installations on opposite sides of the continent are proof positive that Big R Prefabricated Bridges are an excellent choice to accelerate projects and reduce bottom lines.

In Brunswick, ME, a quick replacement was required after a dump truck ran into the existing trail bridge. In Edmonton, AB, a new bridge crossed a ravine to connect two neighbourhoods just in time for Christmas.

Quick install means reduced road closure in Maine
Only a short shutdown to an on/off ramp was required while the contractor installed this 39.6 m Pedestrian Bridge with a 90 ton crane. Not too long to wait for this galvanized and painted beauty that will be serving pedestrians and cyclists for decades to come.

Bridge installs easily in Edmonton’s winter conditions
The contract for the Mill Creek Ravine bridge was awarded on October 18, 2012 to AIL and the bridge had to be designed, fabricated, delivered, installed and ready for use before Christmas. Time was of the essence, so all parties worked very closely together to ensure the deadline was met. The bridge structure was delivered in two sections on December 10. Despite the -20 C temperatures installation went very smoothly allowing Alberta’s first Big R Pedestrian Bridge to be opened on December 21.

Big R Bridge expands with east coast manufacturing plant
Our Colorado-based sister company, Big R Bridge, recently expanded by adding a second manufacturing facility in Abingdon, VA. Now, we are even better positioned to deliver economical bridging solutions to the entire Canadian market.

Strong, yet lightweight, Big R Prefabricated Steel Bridges are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated to ship and install quickly (often in several hours) on several foundation types and without the need for poured concrete or specialized bridge construction companies.

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