Taking action on our Sustainability Policy

Committed to a better future

Sustainability is integral to our business. Plus it’s the right thing to do.

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Bolt-A-Plate culvert stream crossing with MSE Wire Wall Headwalls

Making a Healthier Planet

The AIL Group is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and being a market leader in low-carbon solutions that support biodiversity.

  • We have a “Net Zero by 2050” target. We measure key parts of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and have set interim milestone emission targets.
  • We have added on-site solar generation, improved building envelope energy efficiency and are working with our supply-chain partners and customers to lower carbon footprints.
  • Offering low-carbon footprint solutions which are supported by third-party-reviewed environmental product declarations and life cycle assessments.
  • Utilizing a high amount of reusable and recyclable materials.
  • Understanding and improving life-cycle costs.
  • Reducing negative biodiversity impacts during construction and service, and regenerating the environment, where possible.
AIL and ALG buildings with solar panels and EV charging stations
Over 1,000 solar panels and counting: Our on-site renewable energy production decreases our reliance on the power grid.
Ultra-Cor overpass with MSE walls
Low-carbon solutions: This Ultra-Cor overpass near St. John’s, NL, has a lower life-cycle carbon footprint compared to a concrete beam bridge solution. View project profile>>
Ultra-Cor- Bow Valley Gap Overpass
Supporting wildlife connectivity: The Bow Valley Gap Wildlife Overpass is expected to increase wildlife connectivity in the Yellowstone-to-Yukon corridor and dramatically reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. View project profile>>
GRS Bridge stream crossing replaces culverts
GRS Bridge replaces suspended culverts, restores fish passage on Alberta creek. View project profile>>



Algonquin Modular Bridge System Stream Crossing

Connecting Communities

We take a leadership role in keeping communities connected with easy-to-install, resilient solutions that will serve for many decades.

  • Providing solutions that are easy to install with local crews and lighter-weight equipment.
  • Offering accelerated bridge construction solutions that reduce traffic disruption.
  • Optimizing the use of local materials.
  • Designing low-maintenance infrastructure solutions.
  • Designing solutions to increase user safety.
Artist rendering of Climate change resilience of Buried Metal Bridges and Prefabricated Bridges
Resilience to climate change: Offering extreme-event features to reduce climate change flood and debris risks such as larger spans, geotextile reinforced backfill, scour protection, greater vertical clearances and more.
Temporary MSE walls surround Super-Cor Box Culvert
Keeping traffic running: Staged construction with temporary MSE walls enable continuous traffic flow throughout construction. Play video>>
Rapid response emergency culverts replacement
Emergency solution: This large replacement culvert was manufactured and delivered within 24 hours to replace a Cape Breton washout. View project profile>>
Bailey-Bridge-style emergency replacement bridge
Emergency solution: This replacement bridge was delivered to a remote site in Nova Scotia within five days of order. View project profile>>



Gardener watering tomato plant in community garden with other volunteers
Investing in Employees & Communities

We have progressive programs in place in support of both our employees and our communities.

  • Creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Promoting a culture where everyone returns home safe and healthy.
  • Offering integrated health and wellness initiatives.
  • Our Family Education Grants support our employees’ next generation.
  • Recognizing potential and investing in our employees.

Progressive Programs

Students with textbooks learning robotics
Engaging with education: We do this through scholarships, co-op placements, grad students, research projects and more.
teens engaged in community service picking up trash
Supporting our communities: We are proud to support our local communities in a variety of ways.



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