• June 19th, 2019

AIL wins Opportunities NB Innovative Exporter of the Year Award

Award based on developing and exporting our innovative Ultra•Cor Deep-Corrugated Structural Plate

AIL wins Opportunities NB Innovative Exporter of the Year Award
AIL’s VP Engineering Services, Wayne Ford, (left) and CEO, Mike Wilson (centre) accepting the Award from Paul Fudge of Grant Thornton, Platinum Sponsor.

AIL is very proud to have been awarded the 2019 Innovative Exporter of the Year Award by Opportunities NB. The award recognizes the New Brunswick company that has most successfully employed innovative marketing techniques to expand its export markets and whose product is cutting-edge in terms of innovation.

We won the award for the progress we’ve made developing and exporting one of our latest innovations — extra-deep-corrugated Ultra•Cor Structural Steel Plate, a product that is taking buried metal bridges and tunnels to new dimensions in capability and performance. And the world is taking notice.

AIL’s CEO, Mike Wilson, commented on the award, “I feel this is quite an accomplishment for a product that was developed by our R&D Team right here in Sackville and Dorchester Cape. I thank them all for their incredible talent and hard work in bringing Ultra•Cor to the world stage. It’s something we can all be proud of as New Brunswickers.”

Guinness-World-Record Shammal Bridge in Dubai
Guinness-World-Record Shammal Bridge in Dubai, UAE.

In addition to providing Ultra•Cor solutions to the Canadian and US markets, AIL has also licensed Europe’s ViaCon Group to manufacture it. In fact, ViaCon supplied the Ultra•Cor that was used to create the world’s largest buried metal bridge span in Dubai, UAE — earning a Guinness World Record. AIL’s R&D team collaborated with ViaCon on the design of this project.

VP Engineering Services, Wayne Ford, led AIL’s R&D Team on the seven-year development.

“This award is very special and reinforces our progress as an innovator. In essence, we are being recognized for exporting knowledge as opposed to widgets. As a company, we need to continue to think outside the box on everything we do.”
— Wayne Ford, VP Engineering Services, AIL

Ultra•Cor product testing taking place in Dorchester Cape, NB during the summer of 2015
Ultra•Cor product testing taking place in Dorchester Cape, NB during the summer of 2015.

As the world’s deepest corrugation profile, Ultra•Cor combines all the advantages of lightweight construction with previously unheard-of strength and durability to create the largest corrugated metal structures in the world today. Learn more about Ultra•Cor and the complete line of AIL’s innovative engineered products and services at ail.ca.

Over 50 years of New Brunswick innovation
Founded in Dorchester Cape in 1965, the AIL Group of Companies has grown to be an international leader in civil engineering infrastructure products and services. The AIL Group’s corporate office is now located in Sackville, with a network of technical sales teams, engineering departments, manufacturing plants and distribution centres across Canada and in the United States. AIL International’s technical sales team and the operations of The AIL Group’s licensees in Australia, Europe and Asia help extend our global reach.

AIL was also recently awarded the prestigious Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation for 2019 — one of the country’s leading business award programs recognizing Canadian-owned-and-managed companies for their innovative, world-class business practices.

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