• April 22nd, 2024

AIL wins three NCSPA Project of the Year awards for Ultra-Cor projects

We are proud to announce that AIL recently received three Project of the Year awards from the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA). All of the awards were for projects using our deep-corrugated Ultra-Cor Structural Steel Plate, capable of reaching spans of over 35 m (115′).

AIL President, Jason Sherwood, P.Eng., received the awards on behalf of AIL while attending the NCSPA’s Annual Meeting in Clearwater, Florida.

AIL President Jason Sherwood holding NCSPA Project of the Year award

“I was very proud to accept these Project of the Year awards for AIL at the event. Ultra-Cor is truly a world-leading product and our engineering, fabrication and technical sales teams went above and beyond on these ground-breaking projects,” comments Sherwood. “Congratulations and special thanks to everyone involved in these projects. We couldn’t have done it without you. #oneteam.”

Our Stoney Nakoda Exshaw Wildife Arch won in both the Resiliency and the Galvanized categories
Also known as the Bow Valley Gap Wildlife Overpass, this project is expected to dramatically reduce animal-vehicle collisions. The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y), the Stoney Nakoda First Nations and other organizations had been advocating for this overpass since 2012, when a study on highway wildlife mitigation along this busy route between Banff National Park and the Kananaskis River flagged this particular area as the one with the highest rates of animal-vehicle collisions.

Aerial view of Ultra-Cor structural steel plate wildlife overpass construction

This project also represents a few firsts for AIL and wildlife crossings in the area:

  • It is the largest Ultra-Cor project in Canada to date
  • It is the first Alberta wildlife overpass outside of a national park
  • It has bevelled ends to blend in with the natural surroundings

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Our TCH Exit 41 (Galway) Interchange won in the DOT category
AIL’s second Ultra-Cor highway underpass in Newfoundland and Labrador is located along a busy section of the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) outside St. John’s. When the project is complete, the new interchange will relieve traffic congestion and improve access to Galway — a 2,000-acre commercial and residential development. View Project Profile >>

Ultra-Cor overpass with MSE walls

From the NCSPA website…
Winning the NCSPA Project of the Year award is a remarkable achievement, emblematic of excellence and innovation in the realm of infrastructure development. This prestigious accolade recognizes projects that demonstrate outstanding engineering, design and utilization of corrugated steel pipe and plate products.

From enhancing transportation networks to safeguarding communities against flooding, winning this award signifies not only technical prowess but also a commitment to enhancing public safety and welfare. The honour of receiving such recognition extends beyond mere acknowledgement; it serves as validation of the dedication, expertise and collaborative effort invested by all involved stakeholders. Being bestowed with the NCSPA Project of the Year award is a testament to the transformative impact of the project and the enduring legacy it leaves for future generations.

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