• July 7th, 2015

MTO strengthens requirements for structural plate suppliers

MTO strengthens requirements for structural plate suppliers

As of July 1, 2015, all Structural Plate Corrugated Steel (SPCSP) used on a contract under DBSP 3271 specification for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will need to be supplied by a manufacturer that:

  • Produces the SPCSP according to the CSA G401 standard
  • Is certified by a certification body recognized by the MTO
  • Has a valid membership certificate from the Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute (CSPI)

“As a long-standing member of CSPI, we see this as a move in the right direction to ensure quality standards and technical compliances are maintained,” commented Stephen MacKinnon, P. Eng., AIL VP Operations, Eastern Canada. “With 100 years of engineering expertise behind them, the Institute is the essential information resource for water and soil management in Canada.”

Hanif Lakhani, P. Eng., AIL Regional Sales Manager, Ontario added “Our long-term relationship with a world-leading certifier like CWB Group gives us great confidence in this area and we applaud the MTO’s decision.”

According to the new MTO policy, the certification body must be an independent, third-party agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to have the qualifications, skills, expertise and mandate required to certify that a culvert manufacturer produces culverts to the quality and requirements of an accepted standard.

Structures will be marked
In addition, certified SPCSP on MTO projects will be marked according to CSA G401, along with the logo of the certification body and the CSPI stamp.

CSPI — An industry leader
The new MTO requirement that SPCSP manufacturers to be members of CSPI underscores our long-held belief that:

  • CSPI is the essential information resource for water and soil management
  • CSPI delivers the industry’s latest technical information, resources, assistance, guidance, and education on everything to do with CSP solutions
  • CSPI members in good standing, have the expertise and technical knowhow to produce products in accordance with the specification
  • Only CSPI members are certified to the CSA G401 CSPI Protocol for SPCSP

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