• February 7th, 2019

World’s largest structural plate arch is made from AIL’s Ultra•Cor

Grade separation project is located near Dubai, UAE

A major grade separation project northeast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates features three large arches made from AIL’s Ultra•Cor Structural Steel Plate. One of the arches holds the Guinness World Record as “the world’s largest metal buried bridge span” at 32.66 m.

The project was designed and supplied by our European Licensee, ViaCon, and is the first Ultra•Cor in the Middle East.

One of the latest product innovations developed by AIL’s R&D Team, Ultra•Cor is taking engineered structural plate to new dimensions in capability and performance. With an impressive 500 mm (20) pitch and 237 mm (9.5) depth, Ultra•Cor’s ultra-deep corrugations allow it to reach greater spans and withstand the heaviest of loads.

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