• April 7th, 2021

Carbon Footprint Calculator compares Corrugated Steel Pipe to Reinforced Concrete Pipe

A 1000 mm diameter Corrugated Steel Pipe is 65% “greener” than a Reinforced Concrete Pipe*

CO2 leaf graphic; CSP is 40-65% greener than concrete

Recent research by the Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute, confirmed by three unbiased experts, shows that Corrugated Steel Pipe’s carbon footprint equalled roughly 40 kg of CO2 versus the 67 kg of CO2 created by Reinforced Concrete Pipe production.*

Corrugated Steel Pipe offers many environmental benefits
In fact, Corrugated Steel Pipe delivers a wide range of environmental benefits, including: reduced greenhouse gases, lower pollution, less acid rain and a reduction in depletion of materials such as the water and energy used in manufacturing.

Calculator Compares Corrugated Steel Pipe to Reinforced Concrete Pipe
The CSPI’s independently confirmed research findings have led to the creation of the Carbon Footprint Calculator, available for free download below.

Using a 450 mm diameter, 20 m length of Corrugated Steel Pipe as an example, Corrugated Steel Pipe’s carbon footprint is 40% smaller than that of a Reinforced Concrete Pipe*. Plus, as pipe diameters increase, the environmental advantages of using Corrugated Steel Pipe can increase as well — by as much as 65%.

Corrugated Steel Pipe vs Reinforced Concrete Pipe
Use the Carbon Footprint Calculator to see the difference. It’s easy! Just download the interactive MS Excel document, select a pipe diameter and enter a pipe length.
Download the Carbon Footprint Calculator >>

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CSPI Environmental Product Declaration – SCS-EPD-05002, CCPPA EPD – ASTM Certified, AGECO LCA of CSP vs RCP (Nov 2020).
To learn more about the Third Party Review of the Corrugated Steel Pipe vs Reinforced Concrete Pipe Research Study, view the Five Page Executive Summary or the Full Review.

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