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See how AIL can save you time and money on your projects without sacrificing quality or functionality.

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AIL is experienced in finding alternative solutions that offer your projects the same functionality and quality at a better value. We call it Value Engineering.

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Value Engineering for a better solution
Value Engineering is a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions in a project on a faster schedule and at the lowest cost. It promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives without sacrificing functionality. In short, less expensive materials or services or better functions are utilized in projects without sacrificing safety or performance.

The Value Engineering process can be described in these steps:

  • Identify the function of a product or service
  • Establish a worth for that function
  • Generate alternatives that meet the current design codes through creative thinking
  • Provide the needed functions reliably at the lowest overall cost
  • Prepare a Value Engineered alternative proposal

The Value Engineering proposal will be looking for the optimum blend of scheduling, performance, constructability, environmental awareness, safety and cost savings.

Value Engineering Project Case Studies
Value Engineering can be achieved in any number ways.

  • It could be the decision to choose a buried metal bridge instead of a concrete structure.
  • It could also be reducing the polymer-coated areas of a buried metal bridge to only the most vulnerable areas. It could be formulating a specifically engineered backfill from a local source, when quarries are too far away.
  • Or, it could even be adding MSE soil reinforcement to a buried structure’s bevelled ends to save time and money by eliminating the need for concrete collars or false-work interior bracing during backfill.

Take a look at our Value Engineering Case Studies to learn more.



  • Box Culverts

    Featuring a unique geometry for generous rail or road clearances, Box Culverts are the perfect solution for long-span, low-rise situations with shallow cover requirements.

  • Bridges

    AIL’s custom design/build Prefabricated Steel Bridges are economical and efficient choices that ship and install easily for permanent or temporary applications.

  • Bridge Abutments, Headwalls and Wingwalls

    Our MSE Structural Walls and Bolt-A-Bin Walls create cost-effective, on-site abutments and walls for ​transportation sector​ projects.

  • Conveyor Tunnels and Overcasts

    According to the required size and specifications, overcasts and conveyor tunnels can be made from various shape profiles in Bolt-A-Plate or Corrugated Steel Pipe.

  • Crusher Walls and Ramps

    Perfect for remote locations with available fill material, these structures are easily created without concrete using our MSE Wall Wire Walls. They are also great for headwalls and other mine site infrastructure applications.

  • Fish Passages

    Our open-bottom designs in Super-Cor, Bolt-A-Plate or Dur-A-Span and Prefabricated Steel Bridges are effective ​transportation infrastructure ​solutions to preserve habitat.

  • Grade Separations, Overpasses and Underpasses

    Choose our deep-corrugated Ultra-Cor and Super-Cor Arches and Box Culverts for larger applications. Choose Bolt-A-Plate for medium and smaller ones.

  • Haul Road Crossings

    With their light weight and superior strength, our structural steel plate products are a natural choice for haul road arches in the mine industry sector. They are available in many shapes and sizes, including bottomless, fish-friendly arches.

  • Mine Shafts, Vent Raises and Escape Ways

    THE EDGE Four-Flange Connection is perfect for creating underground structures such as these. It is faster and more economical than continuous smooth steel or concrete alternatives.

  • Pedestrian Crossings

    From the smallest trail bridge to expansive pedways, AIL has custom prefabricated pedestrian bridge solutions for today’s ​transportation sector​ requirements.

  • Pipes and Culverts

    Specify Bolt-A-Plate for larger and mid-size applications and Corrugated Steel Pipe for smaller ones. Dur-A-Span Structural Aluminum Plate is ideal for coastal, soft water and other highly corrosive environments.

  • Portals and Canopies

    Specify Ultra-Cor for larger scale applications and Bolt-A-Plate for mid-size ones. Both offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit virtually any site or mine industry sector vehicle requirement.

  • Rehabilitations and Relines

    AIL’s reline packages can help salvage older storm sewer, culvert or bridge structures and avoid the cost, safety and environmental issues of full replacement on municipal or county infrastructure.

  • Retaining Walls

    Today’s county or municipal infrastructure decision-makers choose MSE Structural Wall Systems (as either Precast Panel Walls or Wire Walls) and our Bolt-A-Bin Walls for efficient solutions.

  • Sound Barrier Walls

    Lightweight and easy-to-install AIL Sound Walls provide optimum reflective and absorptive sound mitigation solutions for the ​transportation sector​.

  • Water and Wetland Crossings

    We offer a variety of solutions including open-bottom structural plate designs and prefabricated bridges designed to help preserve natural habitat.

  • Wildlife Crossings

    Put our expertise in the design of effective wildlife crossings to work for you, with engineered solutions made from Super-Cor or Bolt-A-Plate.



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