Efficient and sustainable infrastructure solutions to create urbanscapes that escape the ordinary.

Finding the golden mean in urban infrastructure.

Growing towns and cities need to both create new infrastructure and replace old. Finding the ‘sweet spot’ between simple function and noteworthy design is, in and of itself, a daunting task. Balancing symmetry, proportion and harmony with specific urban environments is taking it to another level all together.

Buried steel bridge stream crossing in urban Toronto
Finch Avenue, Toronto

Where design aesthetics meet economy and sustainability
AIL’s Urbanscape Infrastructure Solutions offer progressive urban planners and landscape architects the opportunity to bring enhanced aesthetics to their projects with the confidence that they are making both fiscally-prudent and environmentally-responsible choices that will benefit their communities well into the future.

Most of our urban infrastructure solutions:

  • Cost less and perform longer than their equivalents in concrete or other materials
  • Use less energy to manufacture and ship
  • Contain more recycled content and are more recyclable
  • Can be installed with local crews and equipment
  • Involve less traffic interruption than site-built alternatives
  • Have lower maintenance requirements and less environmental site impacts

And, speaking of impacts, our solutions have flexibility and resilience built in to withstand unexpected events like traffic overloads, extreme weather, flooding and earthquakes.

Let’s talk Urban Infrastructure!
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Structural Plate Bridges & Tunnels

  • Part of the green scene

    green wallsPreserving and enhancing urban green space is important. Consider surrounding one of our Structural Plate Bridges or Tunnels with Green Walls created on battered, wire-faced configuration of our MSE Structural Walls. Inherently sustainable and resilient, these economical solutions provide many decades of maintenance-free service.

  • Gracefully-sweeping curves

    bevelled ENDSIf site geometries permit, bevelled ends are a very natural way to help a structure be one with the natural contour of the land. Sloped embankments can be left green or finished with natural stone. Any variety of architectural coping or collar treatments can be integrated to accentuate their gracefully-sweeping curves.

  • Stylish, from the ground up

    PRECAST PANEL HALFWALLSThe architectural aesthetics of our MSE Precast Panel Headwalls can be extended to the inside by creating textured concrete halfwalls running the length of the structure. This hybrid design, effectively sets the corrugated metal structure on a raised engineered concrete foundation.

  • Choose your own ending

    END TREATMENTSOne of the most important facets of a Structural Plate Bridge or Tunnel are the Headwalls. With a limitless array of panel sizes, colours and textures, our MSE Precast Panel Walls help every installation make a statement. A custom mural wall could tell your community’s story with a sense of context and place.

  • A palette of possibility

    COATED OR COLOUREDOur Structural Plate Bridges and Tunnels are usually provided with a Galvanized or Polymer-Coated Finish and left that way for low-maintenance service of up to 100 years. However, they can also be custom-coloured to provide a brighter interior or to create unique artistic installations. With a little inspiration, the sky’s the limit!

  • Creative illumination

    INTERIOR lightingBeyond safety and security, light can invoke feelings of peace, harmony and creativity. With today’s modern LED lighting technologies, light can be used to accentuate the structure’s geometry and create a welcoming and memorable experience for users.

Prefabricated Bridges

  • Bold, architectural statements

    SIGNATURE BRIDGESA well-designed bridge is more than just getting from point A to B. It can make a real visual impact in any urbanscape. Starting with a wide variety of styles and truss types, our range of features and options is as expansive as the bridges themselves – colours, architectural accents, lighting, decking, railings, abutment treatments, and more.

  • Anything but ‘pedestrian’

    PEDESTRIAN BRIDGESMunicipalities and transportation authorities love our prefabricated Pedestrian Bridges because they can often be installed in hours, with local crews and equipment – saving time and money. And, working together, we ensure the results are anything but ‘pedestrian’.

  • Accelerated savings vehicles

    VEHICULAR BRIDGESChosen for accelerated construction, our Vehicular Bridges are available in modular or truss systems in a wide variety of designs, sizes and finishes. Add to this the flexibility of multiple decking options, sidewalks and architectural lighting, and you can create highly-tailored solutions for the most unique urban bridging applications.

Retaining Walls & Abutments

  • Practical, on so many levels

    Urban areas often require retaining walls for bridge abutments, grade separations and transportation corridors. Our MSE Structural Wall Systems are fast, flexible and economical embankment solutions that adapt well to curves, angles and steps – and look good while doing it.

  • Creativity, stacked in your favour

    The extensive precast panel options with our MSE Structural Wall Systems have creativity stacked in your favour. Choose from a wide variety of panel concrete types, sizes, textures and colours. Our custom mural treatments make truly distinctive statements.

Sound Barrier Walls

  • Handsome peacekeepers

    Lightweight PVC AIL Sound Walls are quickly becoming an important part of the urban landscape throughout North America — often replacing older wooden or concrete sound barriers. With a wide variety of colours and finishes, they can enhance any urban setting.

  • The strong, silent type

    AIL Sound Walls boast some of the highest technical sound mitigation ratings in the industry. They are also impervious to weather and, with smaller footings, they are easy to install in tighter urban sites.



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