Innovative transportation infrastructure solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Your go-to partner for efficient infrastructure solutions in the transportation sector.

Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL) provides engineered infrastructure solutions for many different types of applications in the transportation sector. Our expertise spans traditional DOT applications to innovative solutions for the most sensitive environments.

Value-engineered solutions for the transportation sector
Whatever your requirements, our integrated Technical Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing Teams collaborate to create value-engineered transportation infrastructure solutions that ship economically and assemble quickly with minimal equipment, material and labour requirements. Plus, we offer valuable technical support services throughout all phases of your transport sector projects.

Our Super•Cor or Dur•A•Span Box Culvert solutions, for example, have been utilized hundreds of times across Canada and are considered industry-leading transport sector solutions. Plus, our full line of quick-install Prefabricated Bridges are spanning the country in in a full range of permanent or temporary transportation infrastructure applications, including emergency bridges and rental bridges.

Save time and money on your next transportation infrastructure project
Contact your nearest AIL Technical Sales Representative to learn more about saving time and money with our efficient transportation infrastructure solutions for virtually every application in the transport sector.

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  • Box Culverts

    Box Culverts made from our Super•Cor or Dur•A•Span products are the perfect ​transportation infrastructure​ solution for long-span, low-rise situations with shallow cover requirements.

  • Bridges

    Our custom prefabricated bridges in various modular or truss styles will accelerate your transportation infrastructure​ project. We also offer temporary and emergency bridge solutions.

  • Bridge Abutments, Headwalls and Wingwalls

    Our MSE Structural Walls and Bolt-A-Bin Walls create cost-effective, on-site abutments and walls for ​transportation sector​ projects.

  • Drainage

    We offer a full range of Corrugated Steel Pipe in Galvanized, Aluminized Type 2 or Polymer-Laminated Coatings for all ​transportation infrastructure ​drainage requirements.

  • Fish Passages

    Our open-bottom designs in Super•Cor, Bolt-A-Plate or Dur•A•Span and Prefabricated Steel Bridges are effective ​transportation infrastructure ​solutions to preserve habitat.

  • Grade Separations, Overpasses and Underpasses

    Use Ultra•Cor or Super•Cor Arches and Box Culverts for larger ​transportation sector applications and Bolt-A-Plate for medium and smaller applications.

  • Pedestrian Crossings

    From the smallest trail bridge to expansive pedways, AIL has custom prefabricated pedestrian bridge solutions for today’s ​transportation sector​ requirements.

  • Pipes and Culverts

    Specify Bolt-A-Plate for larger and mid-size applications and Corrugated Steel Pipe for smaller ones. Dur•A•Span is ideal for coastal or softwater environments

  • Rehabilitations and Relines

    Avoid the hassle of replacing older ​transportation infrastructure​ with custom-fit inserts made to order from Super•Cor, Bolt-A-Plate, Dur•A•Span or Corrugated Steel Pipe.

  • Retaining Walls

    Our MSE Structural Wall Systems, Bolt-A-Bin cellular, bin-type retaining walls and Gabions are ready for your vertical or battered applications

  • Sound Barrier Walls

    Lightweight and easy-to-install AIL Sound Walls provide optimum reflective and absorptive sound mitigation solutions for the ​transportation sector​.

  • Water and Wetland Crossings

    We offer a variety of solutions including open-bottom structural plate designs and prefabricated bridges designed to help preserve natural habitat.

  • Wildlife Crossings

    Put our expertise in the design of effective wildlife crossings to work for you, with engineered solutions made from Super•Cor or Bolt-A-Plate.



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